Hi. My name is Insatiaboo, and I’m a pervert.

At least, in the eyes of many I probably I am

I like to think of it as being well-rounded. Or, I like well-rounded things. Bums figure prominently into this. Spanked bums, in particular. Sometimes mine, sometimes others.

Where my kink started is probably as much a mystery for me as it is for many, but it started as early as I was able to form coherent thoughts. For those of a sarcastic bent, no, this was not a recent occurrence. Let’s call it around the age of three or four, just to be safe.

One of my earliest exposures to kink, like many, was pornography. My path to sin, interestingly enough, was my father’s bedside table. Where normal parents no doubt might have a copy of Playboy or Penthouse secreted away somewhere, my dad had copies of Screw magazine. And European bondage magazines (from Amsterdam, I believe; kinky, those Europeans). I have no idea whether kink is hereditary, and I have no clue as to what his predilections actually were (nor do I seek to find out). I also have no idea whether his interests also extended to my mother, and I really, really don’t want to find that out, either. But it certainly reinforced for me at an early stage that there were different flavours of sex than those peddled by the mainstream media. And I apparently had a fondness for several of them…

Bondage, spanking, latex and leather were early fixations. And red ball gags. Not obsessions that got discussed at all (generally not the topics of casual conversation), but they figured into my masturbatory fantasies pretty much from the time that I figured out the mechanics of actually making that work.

Much of my early development was pre-internet, so my exposure came from what pornographic magazines I could either find or buy at a discreetly out-of-the-way convenience store (developing an appreciation at a surprisingly precocious age for the virtues of plain brown paper wrappers). My porn stash ebbed and flowed based upon the capacity of my mattress (why do pre-pubescent teenagers universally consider this a secure hiding place?!?) and the occasional bout of virtue that my conscience would unhelpfully inject.

The virtuous conscience is deadly to the development of an up-and-coming kinkster. The number of dildoes, butt plugs, handcuffs, paddles and other sundry accessories, not to mention stashes of pictures, stories, books and magazines, that have found their way into and then out of my life again is nothing short of astonishing. And sad. And depressing. Feelings of guilt that I was weird, and that I would be shunned, derided or mocked for my perversions, have been a periodic flirtation.

While I am different and unique, I am by no means alone, and there are many out there that share (and far exceed) my level of kink. On the best of days, I know and remember this (and correspond happily with many of them!) On the worst of days, I try to lock this idea up like a wilfully disobedient slave, in the deepest, darkest dungeons of my subconscious. It always gets out past the locks, however. While I recognize this now (mostly), it has taken a good long while to get here.

While I currently identify mostly as sub, this appears to not be as fixed a notion as it once did. I like and enjoy spankings and kinky sex, and I certainly like being on the receiving end. For me, this is playtime and reward, not punishment. I am not controlled or disciplined, and my relationship with my partner is one of equals. I am not subservient to her and she doesn’t dominate me. We love each other, we lust for each other, and we play with each other.

I’m also discovering a mischievous (some have said sadistic) streak that isn’t about being bratty for the sake of trying to attract a spanking, so much as trying to inspire squirming in others. These toppish tendencies are new and interesting and entirely formative in nature, so where this goes is anyone’s guess.

I am new to the whole world of blogs and Twitter, having recently ‘come out’ a few weeks ago (see aforementioned comments regarding virtue and guilt). In that time, I have found what many already know… that the internet is a wonderful way of finding your tribe, and of confirming in a way that is otherwise difficult or impossible that you are not alone. There is an entire universe of kinky people out there. What once lived in the darkened corners of the cupboards and recesses of our subconscious is being given pride of place in the light of our conscious minds, and that is no bad thing.

This blog is my way of exploring my kink, of sharing it and of contributing back to a universe of people that have contributed to me, in ways that many of them do not know and cannot possibly begin to imagine. It started after a small but influential lobbying campaign on Twitter. A select few – they know who they are – insisted that I should have a blog so they could read my stories. I consider this high praise indeed, given that I had only just written my first story the week prior. This has been followed by a second, a third and a fourth – with varying degrees of distribution. They will all appear here, and no doubt they will be joined by still more in the fullness of time.

Happy reading. I hope my words find a receptive audience – or at least a horny one.